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" In eLearning, you are a core part of the student's journey. and ultimately, their learning experience. Approach with your heart, not your ego."

Anne Ganguzza


Voiceover Artist / eLearning Specialist

With over 20 years of experience in education, public speaking and corporate and educational training, Anne Ganguzza is a clear choice for your next eLearning or mLearning project. She has extensive experience working and teaching in IT and technology,  as well as providing customized individual coaching and mentoring of students in various subjects.    


She is passionate about education and is committed to providing you with a voice that can inspire and motivate your students, and elevate your curriculum project to the next level.

Her voiceover experience includes voices for corporate and industrial narrations, e-learning and online learning tutorials, Telephone voice mail, IVR, and on hold greetings,  commercials, infomercials,  Live Theater Broadcasts, Audio Books,  Government/Educational promotional videos and advertising, and audio college courses for the Blind and Dyslexic.

For more information, demos, and video samples please feel free to visit


Every customer is given the star treatment! Anne is committed to giving you the very best for your project. Connect now to discuss how her voice can help elevate your eLearning projects to new heights!

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